Though Project Headspace and Timing was officially created in 2017, it is much more difficult to pinpoint exactly when the process had started.  Our founders have always taken a unique approach to boosting morale: through humor and communication. The ability to laugh despite the difficult situation you may find yourself in is critical to dealing with that situation in real time. The ability to communicate the thoughts and feelings after the fact is critical to dealing with transitioning away from that lifestyle.

In the military, a headspace and timing gauge was regarded as a crucial tool when operating the Browning M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun. It was critical to use the gauge before using the weapon, or else the weapon may not fire, or worse, the round could explode in the chamber, injuring the gunner or anyone around it. This name seemed fitting to us, because just as the headspace and timing gauge was needed to assure that this incredibly powerful weapon would be able to perform, understanding the state of mind and knowing when we need to reach out to our veterans is crucial in assuring that they are able to perform in the civilian setting.

Before its official inception in 2017, our founders discovered that a man they had served with had taken his own life back stateside, on his way to work. After trying to process the incident, a realization was made: that we needed to try to do whatever we could to bring the public and veterans together. It is our opinion that we live in a community that is incredibly supportive of it’s veterans, though they may not always know how to show it, and we have veterans who need to share their stories with their communities, though they may not know how to begin the conversation.  

Follow us on our mission, one project at a time.