Strongman Competition

The Strongman Competition will be run by Tony Soucie, founder of the Illinois Strongman Association and owner of One Way Strength, a private 24/7 training facility geared towards strength training in St. Anne, IL.

The Events Will Be:

A Vehicle Pull

A Vehicle Deadlift

A Tire Flip

Log Press

Details to come!

Anyone interested in joining the competition, or becoming a member of One Way Strength, can contact Tony at 815-685-7348

Tony is 46 years old and has been training since he was 15.

Of note, Tony has:

Competed in the Illinois Strongest Man in 1999 and received 3rd in the LW Class.

Was the (NAS) North American Strongman Inc Illinois Chairman from 2001 to 2011.

Competed in the 2003 NAS Championships, 200 weight class.

Judged at the 2015 (USS) United States Strongman Corp National Championships

Has been involved with several hundred strongman contests since 1996.

Has held the Illinois Strongest Man since 2001.

Started the Illinois Strongman Association in 2007.

We are incredibly lucky and thankful to have his support and assistance in this event.